Streamline SMP

How To Join

Join the Discord

Join the Discord if you haven't already. Having a Discord account is required to join, if you do not have one, you can make one for free on Discord's website. Once you have joined the Discord go to the #applications-and-info channel.

Fill out the application

The questions aren't that difficult but try to be as detailed as possible. We have an acceptance rate of about 70% so good luck! The questions are here to make sure that everyone who joins Streamline will follow the rules and contribute to the server.

That's it!

The form has been submitted. Next a staff member will review your application. The wait is usually no more than 24 hours. If you have any questions please ask our staff or you can DM me directly.


Was I accepted?

The way that you know if your application has been accepted is you will receive a message that says you have been whitelisted in the #general channel. If you have been denied, you will get a private DM from a staff member saying that your application has not been accepted. However, you are more than welcome to redo your application.

Denied message:
Profile picture for Dozoe
DozoeToday at 9:00
Unfortunately, your application for Streamline SMP got denied. You can still stay on the Discord server and follow content through various channels if you wish to do so.
Message @Dozoe

After getting accepted

Ok so you waited for your application to be reviewed and you were accepted, congrats by the way! But now what? When you get accepted you will receive the “Streamliners role on Discord, this gives you permission to talk in channels that only fellow “Streamliners will have access to. You will also be whitelisted into the Minecraft Server within about 10 minutes of being accepted. Once you have access to the server and these channels you can now officially say you are a Streamliner! Now go be free, build something cool, and have fun!

Accepted message:
Profile picture for Dozoe
DozoeToday at 9:00
@Hex32 Welcome to the server! You are now accepted and have been whitelisted! Also, make sure to set your notification preferences in #roles !
Message #general