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Retributions and How They Work

What are Retributions?

Retributions are our way of keeping track of who breaks rules and who doesn't. The more retributions you have, the worse. There is only one way to get a retribution, break a rule. You can see what consequences certain rules have below.

Can I get them removed?

Yes, if enough time has passed, you can ask for them to be removed. Some retributions may be auto removed after a certain amount of time.

What are the consequences?

There are many different consequences depending on the situation, but the common ones are: kick, mute, get @streamliners role removed, temporary ban, permanent ban etc.
Retribution 0You're clean! This means that as far as we're concerned, you have done nothing wrong! If you had done something wrong in the past, it is now off your record.
Retribution 1This is a little worse, still not a big deal mostly. Just be more careful next time and maybe read up a bit on the rules.
Retribution 2In most cases, this will be your last chance without a serious punishment for breaking a rule. You still have a chance though so be extra careful!
Retribution 3This results in an immediate temporary ban, this ban is usually around 3 days long, but may be different depending on the circumstances. After the ban, some retributions will be dropped.
Retribution 4This is significantly more serious, this will result in another temporary ban, but this time, for 1 week, but may be different depending on the circumstances. After the ban, some retributions will be dropped.
Retribution 55 or more retributions means you are now permanently banned until at least the next season, with very few ways of changing that. See you next season!

Discord/Chat Rules

Rule identifierRulePunishment in retributions
1.1Do not intentionally annoy, harass, be toxic, or promote to any users DMs, or in any channel.0.5 - 2
1.2Do not make any inappropriate/rude comments about another user. Includes microaggression.1 - 2
1.3Do not start drama. Do not bring drama from other social media (YouTube, Twitter, Discord, etc.) to this server.0.5 - 1.5
1.4No racism.3 - 4
1.5No nudity. Do not post any kind of sexually suggestive images or nudity in the chats, this includes audio, saying things in VC, etc.1 - 5
1.6While Profanity is allowed on the server, please refrain from using excessive profanity.0.5
1.7Speak English only. It's difficult to moderate other languages. If someone is insulting someone, or breaking rules, in another language, it will be difficult to know.0.5
1.8No spamming messages, do not @ more than 3 people or a person more than 3 times within 2 minutes, and do not purposely ghost ping people.0.5 - 1
1.9Don't be excessively inappropriate or make people uncomfortable. (This rule is excluded in the Mature channels)0.5 - 3
1.10Don't do annoying sounds whilst in a voice channel. (earrape, loud screaming, funny mic)0.5
1.11Don't join with an alt account without permission.0.5
1.12Advertise only videos and photos recorded on Streamline SMP in #streamline-screenshots-and-videos.0.5 - 1
1.13Use all channels reasonably within their intended purpose.0.5
1.14Do not pretend to be and/or impersonate a staff member.1.5
1.15Do not try to find, share, or make loopholes in the rules. This is considered a violation of the rules.2
1.16Do not ignore a staff member`s request, or go against it.0.5 - 3

Minecraft Rules

Rule identifierRulePunishment in retributions
2.1Don't be toxic / offensive in chat.1 - 2
2.2No exploits / hacking.1 - 5
2.3No griefing - If it's not yours, don't touch it!1 - 5
2.4No redstone lag machines (this includes lagging the server in anyway intentionally/accidentally) - If the farm makes the server lag then you will be asked to not use it, using it even after that would result in us removing the farm.0.5 - 5
2.5No Advertising / Spam0.5 - 2
2.6Respect staff requests - Please listen to and respect all staff requests.1.5
2.7No killing other players or their mobs with malicious intent unless agreed upon by the player.0.5 - 3
2.8'No stealing, this includes scams, deception, taking items which don't belong to you without the item owner's consent, not paying the right amount of diamonds in a shop, etc.1 - 5
2.9Do not pretend to be and/or impersonate a staff member.1.5
2.10No reselling of bought goods -- this doesn't include buying raw materials for products.0.5
2.11No building obstructions within the spawn area, or any massive structures in spawn without permission from a staff member.0.5
2.12Not respecting authority, this includes intentionally ignoring players requests / posted signs or disrupting their intentions.0.5 - 1

Spawn Rules

Rule identifierRulePunishment in retributions
3.1Repair creeper holes and don't leave trees floating!0.5
3.2Replant trees every time you chop one down!0.5
3.3Keep the spawn pretty, don't mine out big holes or leave blocks.0.5
3.4Don't just make a shop with chests on the ground!0.5
3.5Don't randomly take anything without asking!0.5
3.6Make your shop look good! It's not required but it helps.0.5
3.7If the plot has not sold any goods and has been obviously neglected or abandoned for at least 2 weeks it will be repossessed back to the server and be resold for profit by the server! (This doesn't apply to people who have a reason to be inactive like a vacation, just leave a sign on your plot saying that you will be gone.)0.5
3.8If you build something near one of the public North, South, East, or West Nether Paths, spawn proof it.0.5
3.9Do not build in spawn without permission: spawn is reserved for community builds and shopping district plots.0.5

Ender Dragon Egg Rules

Rule identifierRulePunishment in retributions
4.1The owner has to share the egg with people that want the advancement.0.5
4.2The egg can be traded freely as a normal good, with the exception of tax.0.5
4.3Destroying the egg is considered griefing.0.5